Question: It is said that the soul is eternally free. But people are bound with duty. What is the explanation?

●●● It is your idea that people are bound. And this idea is wrong. Let me explain.

Suppose you are playing cricket. The bowler gave a bouncer. Now you can drop the ball with your head down, or hit a six with a fine hook, or send the ball to the third man with the bat on the back of the wicket-keeper’s head to get four. In other words, you have freedom, you are free in this matter.

The world or the environment is also throwing challenges in front of you all the time, but you have freedom in how you respond. That is, you are free in your heart even if there are obstacles from outside. And this freedom has existed since your birth.

A newborn who sleeps for 20 hours a day can grow up to be a teacher or a doctor, a singer or an engineer, a businessman or a minister, a magician, a scientist, a poet, an actor, a player and a sage. He was born with infinite possibilities. You are too. But you may never have thought or tried it. So, you have limited the power of yourself. Did not think deeply.

You were the seed of the banyan tree. Small, very small so have not been seen for leaves that have fallen on the ground (in the environment) and for dirt. But in that small seed, there was the possibility of a huge banyan tree. Not just one, have the power to become 100 trees. You could create forests. Not only one, thousands of forests. You were born with the possibility of covering the whole of India with forests. No one could stop him. You did not try to understand this free and powerful nature of yours.

Look at a three-year-old child. He has so much vitality. The baby’s vital cells (sacral chakra) are full of energy. you were like that one day. Today you are more powerful in mental cells (solar plexus chakra). You can change this cell whenever you want. You can become a Hindu or a Muslim, an Indian or an American, a calm or angry, a liberal or a detractor, a poet or a scientist, a coward or a brave.

Infinite potential is in your psychic cell (solar plexus chakra). And when you go deeper into meditation, you can feel the infinite horizon of your scientific cell (heart chakra). Feel the truth that there is infinite potential or power hidden only in these three levels.

You are an eternally free soul, but you never thought or believed this. You have bound yourself to your own limited being. Did not try to explore life. You kept yourself busy with the art of school and college, avoiding the Vedanta of “Atmanam Biddhi” (Know Yourself).

Life is to be explored with curiosity, not with closed ideas. Look deeply into the environment or event you are afraid of. Why are you sad if you do not get promotion in office? Why fear death? As there is uncertainty in life, you can choose the path freely.

To be sure of everything means blind lane, fixed like an instrument. Uncertain means open ended. And if you cannot find a way forward, make your own way. Human limitations are just imagination. He was free, still free today. Give it a try.

This is a translation from the writing of Swami Someswarananda


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