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It is a busy road indeed in a Saturday evening in Calcutta. This time we are in a vacation trip from usa to our homeland, my sweetest Calcutta. But as usual we get busy with shopping and visiting relative homes either as a surprise or as an invited guest. Now we, my husband and I,are heading from north to south Calcuuta by hiring a cab through a modern useful app. As I already told about Saturday evening and it was around Christmas Eve so road was really full of crowd with side-walking people, autos, truck, cab and mostly cross walking strangers. Actually this is a good time-pass to see all these nuisance happening around me by sitting idly on the backseat of that cab. And after watching all these, I can not resist me to compare the road scene with usa.

We lived there in a small town of a less developed usa state but not the road. Roads are really well maintained. There driving means roller-coaster ride with dips, bends, and obviously speed and more in reward with beautiful landscape. In some areas you may be fortunate for wild-life spotting like deer but not a single human being. But here, my beloved Calcuttans with their full endeavor make me feel their presence in this road. As a result we get the so-called infamous “jam” and I murmured, “superrrb”.

Leaving irritation at bay I try to enjoy the music run in the FM in our cab. Just see a passing car’s rear windshields filled with jewelry ad that appease me. Suddenly I overlook an auto full with seven people and notice an old woman, clad with white sari, in driver’s position. ” Really is it so?” I wonder because myself as a struggling lady driver always is in concern about the phobia of driving in kolkata-road, then “what was that?” I jump to share my thought with Abhijit and he concludes with severe seriousness,”may be that woman is an exceptional one. So try to get some life lesson.” Hopeless. He is always a person with grave thought.He was busy with his Blackberry and did not see that.But i continue to watch that side of the car again and again to convince myself of that outstanding experience.

Believe me, luckily I find the auto again. In front of the auto that grey-haired lady is in the middle, one young lad is in her right side and one middle aged man seated left.Suddenly our cab gets deserving speed and we pass the auto, I told. Now I look at my hubby’s face and burst out in laughter. He also has a mischievous grinning over his face. Reason? Wait. Is there any phrase in dictionary like “A mirage made by  human”, I afraid not. But what I call it then? I really feel this is like a “mirage”, made by modern-human. The back seat of auto is full of three fat men so the old lady is seated in driver’s position. And because of this, the actual driver who is a tiny young boy of hardly twenties, seated right of that lady He strenuously holds the driver’s handle like a bow and arrow. I want to click the pose but alas!! our car moved.

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