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Age: There are people who live like 70 in their 24 and people who live like 24 when they are 70. The way you choose to live matters more. But actually you do not need to think about age all the time.

Material possessions: Only buy things that are functional and necessary. Till a point money matters but after that it doesn’t because there is no end to greed. One can keep increasing their possessions in terms of property, cars and gold. But that doesn’t do any good other than giving a moment of pleasure.

What others are doing : That is not important. Don’t look and compare with others. Walk on your own path to succeed and grow. Take care of your own business.

Over-anxiety: This may hamper your blood pressure and affect your relationship with close ones in case you constantly release the same on them. It’s ultimately, 100% useless.

Resolutions without actions: Think realistic and take in the necessary steps to reach your goal.

Whether you are black or white: Skin color does not matter in being a good human. Stay away from the irrational people such as racists.

Not accepted in a group: You’re unique in your own way, and you don’t need to change your nature just to fit in with other people.

Failing at a competitive examination or in an interview: Defeat is not declared when you fall down, it’s when you refuse to get up.

Fashion: Showing off how cool you are by wearing ripped jeans, or taking cigarettes or playing Pokémon Go. What matters is how you’re balancing all these useless activities with productive stuff.

The so-called social norms: They’re ultimately made by humans, how can you expect it to not containing any loopholes? Better to judge them before blindly following.

Attaining perfection: Perfection is boring; life is beautiful amidst its imperfections. You cannot tell what is beautiful without comparing with the ugliness.

Chasing more things at a time: Do that, and it’s going to tire you out. Be happy and let it come to you instead.

Toxic people: They’re not your friends. Get better friends.

Bullshit news: They may entertain you for two minutes. Might as well read or do something more meaningful.

Your social media notifications: Well, maybe a few of them matter. But the remaining 99% won’t. Proof: You won’t die by ignoring them for a day.

Your past achievements: No matter how awesome you were in the past, your future depends on the current you.

Fame: At most, fame acts as the means to an end, not the end itself. Don’t pursue fame for the sake of being famous – not worth the effort.

Opinion of people: Happens all the time, especially on the internet. Strangely, many people over-react to them. Stop taking decisions based on that. Both what you think of others and what others think of you don’t matter .Act as per what you want and not what people feel.

Fashion: Looking neat and tidy is important. Being comfortable in what you chose to wear is important. Following a trend does not matter. It would be enough to wear your smile and personality to look charming.

Your feelings: Perhaps they matter to you. But in the eyes of others, they usually don’t. Harsh but true. Be matured and think reasonably.

Certainty: It’s not that it doesn’t matter actually it doesn’t even exist most of the time. Things could appear to be certain without actually being certain. That’s why adaptability is king.

Mistakes: I never know what is going to happen before I did it and when I’m doing it. Mistakes only happen in the past, and the past is something you can’t change. Learn the lesson and move on.

The future: It will take care of itself as long as you make sensible decisions every day to move forward. So, not to worry and try your best and enjoy the ride.

Big fat celebrations:An expensive wedding does not matter. Spending a lot of money to throw a party doesn’t matter. What matters is that you spend the most important days and landmarks of your life with the people who make your life important. If you are with the right people, even a cup of tea with a simple snack would feel special.

Lastly Years: It is not the years in your life, but the life in your years that counts. So not the death, it is life what matters most.

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