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I am 5 years old Indian boy -Cerelac.It is so delicious that I would eat in different forms (by mixing it with hot milk / cold milk / water or in pristine form).

I am a Chinese– Coco’s Bubble Tea.For those of you who aren’t in China,might not be familiar with this mind-blowing delicious drink. It’s milk-tea with black sugary pearls of tapioca at the bottom. You sip it through a giant straw (to fit the pearls) and it results in a heavenly mixture that melts in your mouth.

I am a south Indian– The curd rice.Ruling the hearts and taste-buds of every guy, girl, aunt and uncle, dead or alive, for centuries, the king of all south Indian dishes, the finisher of all five star buffets, the one that has survived generations, the one that never goes out of fashion, the omnipresent, the elegant, the ethereal, make some noise for the superstar of humble dishes.

I am a Japanese– Shrimp Tempura Sushi rolls that are deep fried. Exiting recipe,press the bamboo mat firmly with hands, then remove the rolled sushi. Roll the roll in flour then dip entire rice roll in tempura batter and deep fry (oil heated to 350-degrees) for about 3 minutes or until batter turns crispy and golden brown.

I am a Mediterranean– Kuurdak.It is made from meat and potatoes. Actually Kuurdak is made only from meat, but with potatoes,too. This food is very tasty.

I am a North-Indian– Rajma-rice.This is a typical north Indian food and it is almost everyone’s favorite.

I am a dietitian– GREEN BEANS WITH SHALLOTS AND PINE NUTS. I like the simplicity or how fast and easy I can prepare it… or maybe even the deliciousness.

I am a teenager – Pizza.This thing can uplift my mood anytime. Anger, sadness, frustration vanishes instantly.

I am a Vietnamese – Pho. Being Vietnamese, I think the best comfort food for me is a bowl of pho, preferably chicken. Pho, the essence of childhood, is truly chicken noodle soup for the soul.

I am a student and hosteler – Maggi- essential for the survival of hostelers.

I am a new employee in India– Chicken Biryani.Those who don’t know, it is a South Asian mixed rice dish with chicken or meat, the origin can be dated back to the times of Mughals.
It is made with rice, spices and meat of chicken.

I am a newly married homemaker– Pancakes.Those fluffy, soft, delicious pancakes covered in butter and maple syrup are absolutely hard to resist. Pancakes are a crowd favorite.

I am a bachelor techie in USA from India-Avocados.Just plain avocados. Cut in half, eaten with spoon. Sometimes adding few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of salt n’ pepper on top. I could eat them every day,one in the morning, one at lunch time and one in the evening, and this would be my ideal.

I am from Thailand– Som Tum . It is made with strands of green papaya, chilies, lime juice, tomatoes and fish sauce. Variations including dried shrimp, peanuts or other various ingredients exist as well. The dish is usually eaten with lettuce and is a south-east Asian favorite.

I am an Italian– Pasta Carbonara. All-time favorite pasta. Egg, pasta, pancetta and parmesan cheese all come together to make a delicious Italian meal that will leave you feeling fat and happy.

I am from Nepal– Momo.It’s easy to cook, tastes good and looks awesome.The soup that comes with a plate of momo is a delight for foodies.

I am a Bengali -Rosogulla : It is made of ‘Chhenna’ , one of the forms of Paneer. The most famous Bengali sweet dish and one of the best forms of Paneer. These sugary balls of goodness are irresistible.

I am an Indian-Samosa.It is an Indian deep fried snack made by filling potato mash into a flour based dough.

I am from USA– WINGS.Like look at these beauties! They are spicy, crispy and filling. With a side of ranch or blue cheese and I am in heaven 🙂 The best part is that wings can be hot, sweet, dry rubbed. There are so many different varieties.

I am Myself– Panipuri. I can have it even if someone wakes me up in the middle of the night and orders me to eat it.Those fluffy little balls filled with the green spicy water melting hearts of thousands and lakhs of people around the globe.

I am living outside India past 10 years -Any dish cooked by my Mother only.

I am a citizen of world-– Water. Water is colorless, tasteless and odorless. Because of its numerous and diverse functions in the body, it is often regarded as the most important nutrient.

Water the food by most of the living beings because we cant live without water.

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