Life is full of uncertainty. One situation at a time. Even in the world, everyone has a different nature. What do I do?

Play cricket. Think about batting, 6 balls and 6 types. The first is off-spin and the second is short-pitch. 100% uncertainty. Yet you are playing with joy. Why aren’t you afraid? Because you are playing for the purpose of pleasure by accepting the uncertain situation.

Can you see the world in this way? Sometimes try to practice like this. Imagine your boy as a fast bowler at home and the girl is a medium pacer. And think the wife is a spinner, occasionally serve googly.

Can you stay that way? Practice, especially in Sunday. Stay with this attitude for a couple of hours at a convenient time. Play cricket.

Life is uncertain, every person is different. This is the eternal truth. When we forget that, we get sadness. But you have this power. This is the power to deal with people of different characters in uncertain or changing situations.

You have repeatedly introduced it in the past. But forget that sometimes and then get scared. Forget your own strength and this is your problem. Play like this at home, in the office, in the community. 2-3 days a week, 10-20-30 minutes.

Just like you do software update on the phone, do it in your own mind. Occasionally add new apps. You have all this power. Let’s move forward in this way by playing.

This is a translation from the writing of Swami Someswarananda.

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