How to improve the Vedanta consciousness of the people who are just below the line of poverty.

I could tell precisely. However, I have discussed this in two of my books, written in Bengali, “Being self-sufficient”/” swabolombi manush howa “and “Vivekananda and management”/”swami vivekananda management”. I have described the principle and the purpose, with many examples. In these books I wrote about who has trained in India, where was the training with detailed discussion.

Excluding students, youth, managers today, I only talk about those who are poor. I Worked among the Soren-Baghdi caste in West Bengal, Bhil in Gujarat, in Chhattisgarh with Maria, Mina in Rajasthan, Santal in Jharkhand, Thabar in Tamil Nadu, and even women in Mumbai’s Red-light Area, Aya Kamatipura. I worked in the middle of maid-kuli-beggars in Madhya Pradesh.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa says, “you cannot practice religion with an empty stomach.” Therefore, the development of consciousness is necessary along with their financial and psychological self-sufficiency. I have tried to make them entrepreneurial, but its principles have been laid on spirituality. We do not have to be prepare for the development of consciousness and spirituality differently, but these two develop simultaneously. That is our root on the Vedanta, and we are trying to improve overall by combining these two fields.

Let me summarize how.

Need an initiative on business?

Generally, we are taught in MBA about Men, Machines, Materials, Money. That is, external resources. And we emphasize the wealth of the heart – courage, social consciousness, cooperation.

First, the words of the Upanishads say, “the infinite power is hidden in you”. Then I guide them with some practices to realize that. They can understand that this is true. They became brave. Let me say, “you are born to make the impossible possible”. Then they are taught to take risks. And then it is said how to adapt to adverse circumstances. They learn through various exercises, group discussions, activities. Through these I make them believe that they are brave because #business_needs_courage_than_money.

The second step is to teach #Social Consciousness. I discuss with them about their acceptance in society, how much people want them as a person, and that depend on their well-being. As well as these three issues are discussed and practiced with different tasks. Some examples are….

1) Offer a product or service that will solve people’s problems. People do not need satisfaction, rather they want to solve problems. Do not harm society by making people greedy. Do not sell your product, choose to serve.

2) Do the benefit of others and realize it is your own benefit, Swami Vivekananda said. Through discussion and practice, they learn that there is more profit in this way than doing business and working without any morality.

3)Do not be thoughtful on what you get from society rather emphasize what do you give to society. The more you give; the more people will be interested in you. What is your contribution to the society, is your true identity. In this third step, they are taught about # Collaboration. Collaboration with customers, with society, with other merchants, with suppliers.

Many will be surprised, disbelieved in our words. Do not blame them, they are thinking of the old pattern. Rather, you can read the two books mentioned above. The big companies have shown interest in doing business or enterprise based on this Vedanta. More than 5 domestic and foreign companies were invited to teach us this method. All over India, moreover, in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, I have been doing these type of works ,5-6 times a year for 12-14 years, in various college, clubs and companies.

That is what Swami Vivekananda wanted. So, we must show to the labor workers. farmers, students how to apply Vedanta in daily life, in professional work. By harboring morals, people can go higher, improve our society. Not competition, cooperation is its fundamental law.

It is inhumane to overlook others who are small, lost, in backwards. Can’t we all grow up together? Cannot proceed by holding hand? This is the way Vedanta shows.

This is a translation from the writing of Swami Someswarananda.


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