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The second day, yes, it is in emphatic letter because it was so narrative and authentic day We all became ready around 7 am in the morning. There was complementary breakfast so we are in competition now to make
our empty stomach full and that also in a hurry.Someone is making waffle, another one is gobbing over chicken nuggets. This experience is like a home-stay program to get a taste, “do life”.Today we will go to a historical national park first and then a cave where we get a look of stalagmite formations made in natural.

Ok,let’s go, yelled the group with their same bag and baggage. We did not know where the exactly park office is so we first went to park office, took the map and became ready to explore. There are some old and small hot springs and one highlight destination named “watch tower”. That was 1256 feet tall from the sea level and the top of that is covered with glass so that tourists can get a glance of every area around this mountain valley.

Leaving the park we headed for “Mystic Cavern”. But going there through curvy and turning ways made my fellow passengers miserable. Some people vomited,too.Some expressed anger regarding the sitting position in car. Thankfully I had no experience of twos. But the cave is worth watching.One of the best natural caves in USA. There was different trail tours and we chose the short-timing one because of our limited time and tiredness. The tour guide described different formations and their imaginary structures.

We felt we were in an ancestry trip.Their buses left us to the parking lot and somehow our so-called self-drivers took rest on that bus and memorized about tour trip in India with hired driver.Anyway our trip is ended now.We were turning towards home and it took 12 hours drive with dinner time.

Sometimes rode journey is better than the tour itself. we were around 8 people in a car. So listening music, talking nonsense about the trip, arguing about some less knowledgeable things, leg pulling, playing antakshari, all these made the return-journey memorable. Even we made mock-fight in choosing dinner place.This time everybody chose the place according to their taste. One fellow was sticking only for banana and he became the character to be laughed about. Not only these,even during returning, we had to face raining. Though, at night we faced that most hazardous condition but the experience was heavenly.Finally we reached home around 3 am and realized the worth of “own bed” and become more “grown”.Strong relationships and cultural understandings are among few benefits of doing something valuable road trip with “time”like this.

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