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We are travelers, but yes out of the box this time with not so average trip. This trip stretches everyone without self-confidence. Preparing this type of trip is full of happiness that the journey itself.And finally we stared this morning.Someone says “good morning! not bad”, ” is there any differences between good and bad?” another one asked. Such a philosophical question.Lots of SOMEONE are there. Yes, we going to travel in a group of 19 people. Its a long weekend and long awaited too.So everybody are excited to have travel-fun. Arkansas is the destination. From Oklahoma to AK is not so far for imagination. We are prepared for 10 hours driving with group of halting destinations. Four rented cars are waiting for us. Drivers are getting familiar with every equipment of car so much so that of a girlfriend.

Around 9:30 am we are heading towards Roberts Park Cavern. In USA, road trip is quite fun. Playing quirking music and chit-chatting in car are always enjoyable if you have some like-minded people.But here its little hard to co-operate with “enjoy”. Because some are married with kids and some are bachelors. There are old people too as “visiting in-laws”. So altogether make a feeling like an extended joint-family.

By 12:30 pm we reached Roberts Park. Some hiking trail was there with a view of lake. It was not so high peak though some newer generations preferred not to go and became busy in mobile.After hiking we became hungry and ran for nearby restaurants. Some preferred MacDonald,some peeked Pizza-hut. After lunch we headed through Talimena scenic drive. This is a long route through valley which is connected by two states in USA.One is Oklahoma and the other is Arkansas. This season is after spring, so trees are happy with blooming green leaves and seeing that we became over-enthusiastic for taking photos.

By getting some fresh air we headed for a toy train tour and that was a hilarious experience. The train makes a round over a small park and we were almost 14 passengers.One old aunt is literally laughed during the whole train journey.No, I am not exaggerating.May be she recollected her childhood memory and her smile was a priceless one.

Our next stop was a scenic lake side.As we lost our mobile signals, it was hard to find out the place but whenever we did,the feel was exotic with the view. During the sunset time we went there. The lake was in the middle of two mountains. Setting sun rays made an unique effect on lake. Our camera could not await to capture that. One local guy informed us that one Hollywood movie was shot there.As time was speeding to 8 at night so we started for our night shelter. But before that we have to eat dinner.Maximum people voted for Indian restaurant.That was a long weekend and we ordered different foods and got the punishment result as “endless waiting”. Unimaginable!! 3 hours we waited and around 12 am we reached our Quality Inn night shelter.That time it was looking like “Dharmasala” because of our rushing in check in with different luggage. We had only 6 hours left to get a deep sleep.

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